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Studying in Norway- Telemark University College

Telemark University College (TUC) is a state University, as a non-profit organization is located in southeastern Norway. Currently, the school has about 6900 students.

The University has 4 campuses located in Bo, Notodden, Porsgrunn and Rauland. To TUC, students have the opportunity to study and obtain a Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees.

 On research programs

TUC is offered several research programs in English for students.

  1. At the Bachelor level

The research program aims to exchange students from partner universities of TUC worldwide. Students can also stay in one or two semesters.

The faculty includes:

  • Science and Art
  • Technology
  • Faculty of Art, Norway Folk Art and Teacher Training
  1. The Master program

The school is welcome candidates in Norway and internationally (Priority to students of the international partner schools of TUC) in 2-year study program.

Faculty includes:

  • Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Technology

In particular, for foreign students, TUC is also offered a 1-year academic program, “the Norwegian language and civilization,” so that students have the opportunity to complete a full range of language requirements for studying in Norway.

Faculty: Faculty of Sciences and Arts

 The documents required when applying:

  • Documents from the latest education
  • The requirement for English proficiency (IELTS 6.0)